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Unlock your heart

Drop your guard

No one’s left to stop you now

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"Uh, Ruby? I’m sure you’re not that kind of werewolf."

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emma had to sit this match out (coz she got caught loitering in the slytherin dungeons and we all know who what she was doing down there) 

and i wrote a thing to go with this under the read more

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Red Beauty AU: In Storybrooke, Ruby and Belle don’t remember ever meeting before, in Fairy Tale Land. But, as they became close, Belle feels that something is different. Her dreams, shows her glimpses of her past where and some rather vivid dreams of wolves. Only, one wolf alone inspires her trust and as she wakes uè everything clicks in place.

But a body has been found mutilated by an animal, King Goerge has no other option than to convince the town that the she-wolf in town is dangerous and needs to get killed before a civilant from Storybrooke gets hurt again. Ruby accepts her destiny, as Belle struggle to keep her friend and the woman she fell in love safe. With no other choice left, Ruby chains Belle in the library to keep her away and safe, while she goes out to face her desteny.

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red beauty au- for as long as anyone can remember, ruby and lacey have been the best of friends. but soon, the friendship expands into something more, resulting in ruby kissing her best friend in the library. however, she is immediately hit with a flash of an alternate version of herself, running through the woods. she has more and more flashbacks, and reaches out to lacey for help. of course, lacey will always be there for her, no matter what.

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Ruby and Belle II Pass Me By

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ouat → red beauty [1/3] | 2x04


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